Monday, May 29, 2017

My Solar Design

In my group we put together a solar kit. Everyone in my group had a special part. Graham had the job of connecting the wires by tying the wires together and screwing on the gray caps. I had the job of getting the battery pack ruinnung which consisted of taking the plastic off the batteries, putting them in and making sure all the wires were connected to them. Bobby had the job of getting all the lights ready by checking to make sure all the wires were good and then turning on the lights. Then we attempted to put the solar kit in the flashlight outline but since of a mistake by the printer they were not able to fit. That is how we put together our kit.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Reflection on 3D Design

Idea of Design/Background Research:
The idea of the design was to create a Ipod 5 case that could stand in the case so you could facetime somebody our watch a movie. I was the one who found out that there was no other idea similiar so we wouldn't copyright somebodys idea and get in trouble. I went through google pictures, Pintrest, and the 3D design website and found out that there was no other match.

Engineering the 3D Design in Tinkercad:
Engineering the design was really hard. We all had different ideas on how to do it and the way it would look. At one point we wanted to do chicken legs on the bottom so it would stand up and it looked cooler. Then at another point we wanted to do blocks on the bottom but then we realized we should not put and thing on the bottom instead we made another case and put it around the small case.

Improvements I would do on the Design:
If I could make any improvements to our design I would change the material it's made out of. Instead of the makerbot 3D printing material I would change the case to polycarbonate plastic shell. I would do this because polycarbonate has a grip to it and the idea of our design is to make you able to have your Ipod stand up so if there was more grip to it would make the design a lot better.

Pictures of my 3D Design

Our 3D Design 

Johnny Kasten
Orchard Challenge  

I learned so much from doing this project. I learned a lot about math science and engineering. I also learned how to work together as a team. My team was me Connor and Will S. Will was the programmer, I was the calculator and measuring person and, Connor was the one who tested the robot.

We ran into a lot of problems.  Like one time we couldn’t figure out one wheel rotation so we ran the robot and measured it when the wheel rotated once.  We ran into a problem that our turns were off because the way we set it up then we measured a perfect run and the distance from the line and perfected our turns. Finally we were running our robot and the wheel started wobbling we identified the problem that the wheel was loose. So we tightened it and it was perfect. I had so much fun doing this project and I hope we do it next year.